Rates and Payment

Fares for quoting and prepayment are estimated using information from Google maps; however, there may be additional charges upon arrival at the final destination due to unplanned activities such as wait times, additional stops requested by the passengers, detours, returns for forgotten items, etc. A taximeter is used to determine final charges.


All rides require payment prior to dispatching a driver.

Payment may be by via:

Venmo: @bentllc Bairefoot Enterprises LLC

CashApp: $406rides

Credit Card via secure link texted from Square

Please review the Refund Policy prior to completing the payment



Long Distance Pickup:


Long-Distance Return:


Glacier International Airport Fee: $3.00


Stop: $5.00 per stop (up to ten minutes)


Waiting: $0.50 per minute 


Personal Driver, Charter, and Tour:  $60 for the first hour then $15 for each 15 minutes afterward. Minimum 1 hour.

Concierge (Shopping): Mileage/Time rate plus 20% surcharge on the purchase (not including tip or tax).


Parcel/courier: Mileage/Time rate plus $5.00 per item


Large Item Transport: Mileage/Time rate plus $15.00 per item